Say it anyway!

I'm afraid you got off at the wrong place.

If you could come, I'd be really happy.

Each house is within shouting distance of another.

Travis is going to kill them.

She lost what little money she had.


Would you try this on?

I spoke with him earlier today.

What is indispensable to our lives, along with food and clothes, is housing.

Leigh tends to talk too much.

May we go now?

My daughter was not reasonable when I asked her to spend less money.

Everett is the only one here who doesn't understand French.

This is dangerous stuff.

He is not able to know the truth.


Are you going to do your homework this afternoon?


I know everything about Wade.

Women with mothers or sisters who have endometriosis are at elevated risk of developing the condition themselves.

She doesn't share the opinion of her boss.

I tilted my camera at a better angle.

I am Paola.

George weighs not less than 70 kilograms.

I have no memory of you.

Marcia could never forget the horror of the war.

These are as good as those.


Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other.

I am okay.

Hiroyuki is missing his right shoe.

This sounds reasonable.

Don't look at him!

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The young man saved the child from drowning.


Losing their breadwinner was a shock to that family, but the insurance money helps a lot.

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He crossed the Rio Grande River.


She prides herself on her driving skill.

Piercarlo still writes to me from time to time.

Oliver was sad when he discovered that Amy was a gold digger and Cris was sad when she discovered that Stu was poor.


Let's eat out next Sunday.

Jack is an early riser.

I went to the zoo yesterday.


I liked Tony.

Miek dropped the vase.

She's smarter than him.

The holidays came to an end at last.

Jurevis is literate.

Felipe has two cars and one bike.

Tomorrow, the car needs to go to the garage for a big service. It'll probably set me back a couple of hundred euros.


Where is the bus stop for the museum?

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You wouldn't have come if you didn't think it was important.

She's such a warm and noble person.

See if you can find a fire extinguisher.

Do you trust him?

Can you ever forgive us?

Linder couldn't understand what was going on.

I'm no different.

The prime minister will make an announcement tomorrow.

We used to work together.


She fainted but came to in about 5 minutes.

When will you be ready to go?

He knows how to fry eggs.

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I have some good news and some bad news.

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He never mentioned it again.

Gordon left a few minutes ago.

Narendra has friends in every corner of the world.

Kees works more diligently now.

I've given a speech or two in my time.

It was very emotional for me to get your letter, as I'm sure you can imagine.

He called us at the top of his lungs.

You're a good influence on Vic.

What did you do with that money?

You spend more time with him than me.

Our grocery bill soared last month because of higher vegetable prices.

Yes, bring me gruel.

Has Alf really moved to Boston?

Elsa was a little surprised by Lex's behavior.

Niall couldn't remember what needed to be done.


How come your Spanish is that good?

The runner-up was given an honorable mention.

I offer my apologies.


All the dogs are alive.


Now, how can I help you?


They passed time by playing cards.

I do not believe in libertarianism.

Po was woefully unprepared.

Three men jumped out, rolled an old mower down the ramp.

Jochen wondered if Shane was as nervous as he was.

I have an itch right in the middle of my back and I can't reach it. Arrgghh!

He is in the kitchen.


It's bulky.

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The summer goods are now on sale.

This machine is out of order. Please try again later.

We'd like to start over.

But it's me who should thank you.

I picked up an abandoned dog.

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I think you can do better than that.

Kory has lots of money.

Gregge saw a rat in the subway.


Go and take food to Harry.

But that's not the whole picture. Tatoeba is not just an open, collaborative, multilingual dictionary of sentences. It's part of an ecosystem that we want to build.

Life is unfair sometimes.

Alastair is going to take care of you.

Vicki's advice didn't help at all.


May I feel this?

The police lowered their weapons.

We met in a coffee shop near the campus.

It is delightful to be praised by an expert in the field.

I think I'd like to marry her.


I'm afraid I have to agree with Kee's analysis.


The cab driver wasn't seriously injured.

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Tie the horse to that tree.

You're a very good dancer.

I'm not dumb! I'm dyslexic.

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I miss my friends.

Shugo is a colloquial way of referring to someone who can drink large quantities of alcohol and additionally not feel the effects of intoxication.

France is a vibrant democracy.


Hell no, boy! That's not how you say 'spaghetti'! Take him away!

I foam at the mouth whenever someone mentions his name.

He is the boy of whom we spoke the other day.

I think you'll like it too.

Was Charlie asleep?

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If anyone has a better suggestion, let's hear it.

Two weeks ago, I visited Disneyland for the first time.

I'd rather die than do that.


There are things in this world which simply cannot be expressed in the form of words.

Don't trust anyone here.

The obstacles to our progress have been removed at last.

He was poor and could not buy it.

We request your attendance at the meeting.

Pia suddenly got incredibly nervous.

Which of the TV programs do you like best?

I'd prefer to be at home.

This song was written by Glen.

I am a person in long-term recovery from drug addiction.

Lori took another bite of his sandwich.

I can't remember anything else about Antony.

I'll do whatever I can to help you.


The action took place in a mountain village.


Cristi put the pot back on the stove.


It was yesterday morning that I saw Kolkka on the bus.


Nobody's seen Syed.

Do they both understand French?

The showed me around Boston.

We went to a hockey game.

I called him from the hospital.

The moon fell brightly on the water.

Have you ever visited Italy?

His eyes are red.

Seven has always been my favorite number.


I intend to see the project through.


Doing the laundry, fine, but I hate folding it.

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Our bus arrived a little early.


I give part of my paycheck to my parents to help them pay the bills.

I threw up my food.

The new president wants to build up the army.

She gave me access to her records.

At last, he gained his end.

Ice is solid.

I need a translator.


"It smells like popcorn." "It really does!"

Do your best for her.

There was a tape recorder on the table.